Friday, July 24, 2009

Locked out

Some two years ago I acquired TomTom navigation software for my, then rather new, Nokia E65 phone. That software, with maps for all of Western Europe, has served me very well. In fact I'd been so pleased that I decided to get new maps. However, it seems that I'm locked out.
TomTom doesn't offer any (newer) maps for my version of the software. They also don't offer a newer version of their phone software (except for Windows for Mobile). Nokia nowadays offers Ovi Maps, fairly decent navigation software, for free. One pays a bit for "extras" such as speech navigation. Alas, Ovi Maps is not available for the E65 phone. So I should by a new phone or a dedicated navigator, two options I don't like at all. Why would I have to buy more hardware when all I need is a trivial update of some data ?

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